One Year on the Road

San Diego Photos

A week’s stopover in beautiful San Diego…


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  1. ehbidmon

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! UGH!! I once had a toothache/abscess on a long road trip, ending up at a dentist in Ocala, Florida. It’s brutal to have that kind of issue away from home. Thank goodness for Dr. H!

    If you have time on your way through AZ to the Grand Canyon, there is a wonderful (if funky – in style, not water) hot spring on Hwy 8 in Tonopah. It’s about 2 blocks off the highway. A soak there is incredibly rejuvenating! I’ll send you a photo on FB IM.

    Also, if you want to drive the scenic route from central AZ to the GC, highway 89A parallels hwy I 17 and takes you through beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and gorgeous (highly photographic) red rock hills and rock formations. My family spent many a summer in that area. It’s one of the more beautiful areas in the state.

    Lastly, may I post your peacock photo on FB? I have a friend who is a tile artist and she made a tile mural that looks just like one of your photos. I’d love to post them side-by-side (crediting your both, of course).

    P.S. Jeff and I are loving your posts and photos!


    Jennifer, I really want you to print your pictures and I want them on my walls!! You too have a fun time and I hope you tooth is better.

    Sheliah Mosley

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