One Year on the Road

Brave Goodbyes

Kathy and Robin

Kathy and Robin

Eighteen months ago, our best friends pulled long faces when we hit the road for more than a year, and they gleefully welcomed us into their driveway at the end of our journey. This week we were the ones holding back tears when Kathy and Robin drove off to a new life in California.

I’m all for making bold, brave leaps toward happiness. While we were traveling, Kate and I were practically spokeswomen for the Follow Your Bliss movement. Hate your job? Leave it! Tired of your town? Find a new one! Life comes with a steering wheel, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to use it. But when that same philosophy takes the people we love in a direction away from us, it’s hard.

Eary days.

Eary days.

We met Kathy when we first moved here in 1990, and Robin a couple years later. They had two kids just a bit younger that ours, and we raised them in parallel: sharing birthdays, holidays, camping trips, weekend getaways. All the hard stuff, too. Supporting our mothers through slow deaths, getting kids with learning disabilities through school, their son’s heart surgery, our son’s losing an eye, a rough patch in Kate’s and my relationship, Robin’s cancer. And we were there for each other throughout.

We’re not losing our friends. You don’t have friends that close and lose touch after a move. But we will miss the surprise drop-by’s, the impromptu dinners and coffee dates. And that comfortable sense of knowing they’re just up the road a piece. We wish them the best and hope for frequent visits.

For a little trip down memory lane, check out these photos.

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3 thoughts on “Brave Goodbyes

  1. Beth

    I can only imagine how hard that was saying good-bye. Interesting comparison to your big leap over a year ago. Like you said, you don’t lose good friends when they move away. You 4 will obviously be sharing more adventures in the future.

  2. Rhholmes

    Awwww..we miss u guys too! What a great trip down memory lane. We sure have been through thick and thin, that’s for sure. Always made better knowing that you and Kate were and will always be there. As will we. No matter how far! Love you guys!

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