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Windmill Farm

We found out about this great association called Harvest Hosts. For $40 a year, you can be a member, and it gives you access to wineries, farms, and events across the country that offer RV’ers a free place to stay for the night. It’s usually just a flat place to park, no hookups, but it sure beats a Walmart parking lot.

Windmill Farm rooster.

We tried out our new membership at a place called Windmill Farms, south of Arroyo Grande on Highway 101. We just called ahead and they promised space for us. We had to arrive before they closed the gates at 6:00.

We liked the place immediately. A fun, whimsical place with a garden store, gift store, produce store and small eatery. There were lots of animals on the grounds: goats, sheep, chickens, burros, and a miniature horse.

When we arrived, a young man directed us to a flat, gravel area where we could park, level, and open up the slides. We purchased some fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, and bread at their store, and walked around checking the place out.

It’s kind of strange to just pull in and have the place to ourselves. Very trusting of them. There was a gate that we were told we could open and close if we wanted to go out after hours, but we were happy to just set up Bessie, cook a good stir-fry, and call it an early night.

Sheep welcomed us.

In the morning, we enjoyed their farm fresh eggs for breakfast, and thanked them for their hospitality, and went on our way. This is definitely something we would do again!

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3 thoughts on “Windmill Farm

  1. willibus

    Thanks for the tip on Harvest Hosts. I have signed up for a one year membership and gave them your name for where I learned about it. Hope that helps you. I’m really enjoying reading your blog.

  2. RebeccaAdams

    Great photos… what a way to live; travel, eat, sleep, tour, take photos, hang put with the dog and sweethearts. Wonderful reading your posts and being on the road with you, vicariously.

  3. Beth

    How cool is that! So simple! Love the windmill at sunset… and the sweet critters and the boat and truck! So many little treasures you’re finding!

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