One Year on the Road

Sunset Beach Again

Sunrise from the cabin.

My sister and brother-in-law have a log cabin on Lake LBJ in Sunrise Beach. We stayed with them there last spring (see Sunrise Beach Cabin), and we came back again for another visit. I’ve always loved log cabins, and this is an especially beautiful one, high up on a hill with a view of the lake. It’s not easy getting Bessie up the steep, winding driveway, but Kate backed her up like a pro this time. The rig was so tilted I felt a little queasy every time I climbed in, and I prayed the parking brake would hold. So after we got what we needed and cleared out the fridge (which won’t work on such a slant), we were land lubbers for the weekend.

Dinner on the deck.

Again, Bailey was thrilled to see familiar faces and explore a place she’d been before. And Gypsy suspiciously nosed each nook of the home, which entailed some nerve-wracking beam balancing. Usually we sleep in the open loft, with “cowboy curtains” surrounding the old brass bed. But this time, for pet convenience, Beth and Don gave us their bedroom downstairs, where we could contain Gypsy when necessary.

Picnic at the Lake

Chilly picnic.

On Saturday, my niece, Heidi, and her boyfriend, Jamie, drove up from Austin for the day. We packed a picnic and headed for Sunrise Beach park. It was windy and chilly that day, and we had the place to ourselves. A little Kadema (Israeli paddle game) helped to warm us up. And Heidi, Don, and Beth had fun finding a nearby geocache container.  They just joined this group where you can use an app on your phone to find hidden containers. This one was in the hollow of a tree and was marked by little plastic Smurfs. Some caches offer tiny prizes, or suggest you add something of your own for the next finder. Mostly, you just add your name and info to a list of people who have found the container.

Wildflower Drive

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

Texans love their bluebonnets, and in the spring, the roadways are nestled in blankets of the state wildflower. Sunday was a warmer day, and we decided to go for a country drive. It’s a Texas thing to take portraits in the flowers, so the roads were also lined with cars and families in their Sunday best. We drove out to the Enchanted Rock State Park, which is so popular they have to turn people away when it fills on weekends, so we couldn’t go in. Instead we went on to Llano for a picnic by the river, where the rocky banks are decorated with carefully balanced rock towers created by visitors. There was even a giant sand castle built there with imported sand. And Beth and Don searched for a couple of nearby geocaches.

On Monday, Beth and Don headed back to their home in Sugar Land, and we drove back to Austin, where we would meet up later with our friend, Marsha.

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