One Year on the Road

Sugar Land Breather

When I flew back from Santa Cruz, Kate picked me up at the Dallas airport. She had broken camp at the campground (her first time solo) and had parked Bessie and at a nearby shopping center. We slept that night at a rest stop, then continued on to Sugar Land (south of Houston), where my sister lives.

St. Patty’s Day toast.

Last May we’d stayed in Sugar Land for about a week, parked in Beth and Don’s driveway but staying in the house. The day before we left, they got a letter from their homeowner’s association demanding immediate removal of the RV. This time we’d made reservations at the closest state park, but in the end, Beth and Don decided to chance the wrath of their HA again and offered up their driveway to Bessie. It was only for three nights, and we’re hoping we came and went undetected.

It feels a little like coming home to visit here. We tromped in with bags of laundry, and jumped in the pool. We used the down time to finish the taxes, wash Bessie and the car, and just kick back and visit. We were there over St. Patrick’s Day, and Beth is big on holidays, so of course we wore green and drank green cocktails, and Kate made corned beef and cabbage.

Gypsy’s safe place.

Bailey was overjoyed to return to this familiar place and to see Beth and Don again. Gypsy, however, was skittish and wild. This was her first experience with a house. She slinked from room to room in disbelief, sniffed at her first staircase. Once she got her bearings, she discovered she could actually sprint freely without being captured and contained, and she took it upon herself to navigate every flat surface and open cupboard. The backyard was another thing. Normally Gypsy loves being outdoors, but that big blue rectangle of water was clearly dangerous and unnatural. And there were floating things in it that moved. Her only comfortable spot in the yard was under the table, cuddled up next to Bailey.

It was so great to see Beth and Don again. And we didn’t have a sad goodbye, because we will see them again at their cabin near Austin.

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