One Year on the Road

Ormond Beach, Florida

Posing with pets on the playground.

While my sister and brother-in-law were staying in their timeshare place in Daytona Beach, Kate and I stayed at the Sunshine Holiday Daytona RV Resort in Ormond Beach, just a few miles north. Beth and Don drove up there with us when we first arrived, and they came back another time to have dinner with us in Bessie. They enjoyed the novelty of walking Gypsy and Bailey together on leashes, and they were both up for joining me in a few of the games available in the campsite.

I hit it!

Beth and I played a ridiculous round of tennis. I’ve barely played the game myself, so my stumbling and wild swings were to be expected. But Beth has no excuse. She only recently quit playing after many years in a league. I guess the two of us are a dangerous combination in any sport. It seems we crack each other up more than anything. So I spent half the game doubled over laughing with my legs crossed. Don joined us in miniature golf, and that game was only slightly less ridiculous. But come to think of it, that’s my favorite way to play any game – low on the competition and high on giggles.

Beach Party

Picnic on the beach.

You can actually drive on the beaches in both Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, and for the novelty of it (and the convenience, with pets), I thought it would be well worth the $10 fee. The rest of the year, the beaches are probably packed with people and cars, but on this brisk, windy day in winter, we just about had it to ourselves. We drove slowly down the flat, firmly packed beach and parked in a quiet area for a picnic. We’d brought tables and chairs and plenty of food. It was windy, but the car worked as a wind block, and when it warmed a bit, we were quite comfortable just hanging out.

Bailey was thrilled to be on a wide open beach, even with a leash. And it was perfect for Gypsy, who got to explore, stalk seagulls, and roll in the sand, then crawl back into the car for a nap when it all seemed too much. Driving on a beach is unheard of on the west coast, so we thought this was pretty fun.

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