One Year on the Road

North Carolina Respite

Three of us.

We left the Smokies to stay for three nights in a Thousand Trails RV Park near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As much as I would have loved to explore the Smokies some more, this gave us a couple of days to collect ourselves before meeting a friend in Chapel Hill. Our first day there was sunny and warm. We opened up all the windows and spent the day giving Bessie a thorough interior cleaning, washing Bailey, and doing six loads of laundry, including dog beds and rugs. The second day was a chilly one, and we took the opportunity to hole up inside for a quiet day.

Marc and Julie.

The park itself was fine, typical of most Thousand Trails parks, but the best part about it was that friends we had made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania were there. We’d kept in touch and knew they’d be there, and we were able to find a spot right behind them. At the end of our first day, Marc and Julie came over to our place for a campfire happy hour/dinner, and we talked for hours. When you’re living on the road, most social interactions are five minutes or under. Having in-depth conversations into the evening with people you enjoy is such a treat. We’re hoping to meet up with these two again in Florida.




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One thought on “North Carolina Respite

  1. Markandsaimi

    Everywhere you two go, you make friends! I think it’s your special gift.
    We are in San Antonio, hunkering down for a few weeks. We missed Florida on this swing around the country, but if you are heading that way next, be sure to go to St. Augustine. It’s beautiful, and the food is great.

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