One Year on the Road

Getting the House Ready to Rent

Now that we’ve purchased our RV, there’s no turning back. This dream is truly becoming a┬áreality. We’ve been working on getting the house ready to rent all fall, but these last few weeks we’ve kicked it into high gear.

Painting the downstairs hallway.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Stripped wallpaper from downstairs hallway and repainted it.
  • Painted the interior walls and floors of three hallway closets.
  • Packed up our teardrop and stored it in our neighbor’s garage.
  • Had deck flooring on the back deck replaced.
  • Restained front deck flooring.
  • New carpet in the upstairs bedrooms, hallway, stairs, and downstairs hallway.
  • New baseboard heaters in the downstairs hallway.
  • Installed a new front door handle set and replaced several doorknobs.
  • Emptied a workshop room and laid new flooring so we can use it for storage.
  • Replaced bathroom carpet with vinyl and repaired dry rot issues.
  • Packed up family photos, chotskies, antiques, and personal items.
  • Sorted through closets and drawers, filling boxes for charities, storage, and RV.

Staining the front deck.

There is still a lot to do. And the final big hurdle is getting a renter. No nibbles so far, and if we don’t find a renter for our furnished house soon, we will have to offer it unfurnished. And that will open up a whole new level of packing.

These last weeks I have been driven. Waking up early every morning with a checklist in my brain. Attacking chores in every spare minute. Poor Kate comes home from work so tired, and I still set her up with couchside chores. Go through this jewelry, pick out toiletries to take with us… I’m a relentless task-master, and the lists regenerate. But at last we are nearing the finish line. This time next week, our new RV home will be parked out in front of our house. And we will get to start the most fun task of all: stocking it with everything we will take with us for our year on the road.

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