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House for Rent

For months now, we’ve been gearing up to list our 3,100 sq. ft. home for rent. Thinning out the collectables, making repairs and updates, packing up the extras. Our first choice is to rent the place furnished. After weighing the cost and effort to haul off and store all our furnishings against the risk of damage to some of our furniture, we decided it was worth it. It’s not like we haven’t added a few dents and water rings ourselves over the years.

This kitchen has never looked so zen!

The biggest effort in getting the house listed for rent was taking the photos. Or more precisely, staging the rooms for photos. We’re still living here, and believe me, our rooms are not move-in ready. When I started, I took the opportunity to sort and pack as I went. Eventually, I resorted to flinging stuff from one end of the room to the other just to get an uncluttered photo. The result presents a surprisingly beautiful home that I would love to live in.

So far, I’ve listed the house with, and I’ve built a quick website to showcase it. Next week, I’ll post it on Craigslist. And I’ll push it to realtors and the university. If anybody has any other ideas for getting this listing seen, please add a comment with your suggestion.

Our house. (Is a very, very, very fine house.)

If all goes perfectly, we will find wonderful tenants (a professional couple, maybe with one child) who want to rent for a full year, starting sometime in January. They will be fastidious and handy. They will appreciate our taste and décor. They will be the kind of people our neighbors will love having around, but not so much that our neighbors are sorry to see us come back at the end of the year.

4 thoughts on “House for Rent

  1. ehbidmon

    Two comments: Your house website says you have 3100 sq/ft and 4 bedrooms, and your site says you have 2900 sq/ft and 2 bedrooms. You might want to have them the same. Also, have you considered listing on Zillow, VRBO or AirBnB? They’re the places I have looked for rentals when I’ve gone on vacations – whether one week or three months. Just a thought! Good luck!!! I’m so excited for the two of you!

    1. Jennifer Meyer Post author

      We’re using one of the bedrooms for storage and another is set up as an office. The website explains that, but I can see why it might be confusing. Zillow’s a good idea. At this point, we don’t want to do vacation rentals. Our preference would be to rent it for a full year. I did get an inquiry this morning, though, from a family from Norway!

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