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Eureka Springs Photos

A very quaint historic Ozark Mountain town.




3 thoughts on “Eureka Springs Photos

  1. mtroth

    Jennifer – this brings back memories. I graduated from University of Arkansas 1977 and visited Eureka Springs a few times. Went to Onyx cave, stayed in the Crescent Hotel, saw the Passion Play. I credit Uncle David for my razorback fever early on, and I never waivered as to where I wanted to go to college. I love that country.

    I continue to enjoy your travels and journal.

    Mark Troth

  2. rallyteam4

    Love these pics! They bring back happy memories of high school days gone by! I played basketball in Eureka Springs numerous times (4-5 maybe?), and of course, had visited this town with my parents on different occasions throughout my adolescence. Hasn’t changed much from what I can tell from the photos. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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